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Policy Features

Lower Premiums

We provide lower premiums for drivers 25 or above:

  • With none, or one, two or three years’ no claims bonus
  • Who have previous or outstanding claims
  • Who have an open claim(s)
  • On their first policy
  • Leaving a company scheme
  • Who have a gap in cover
  • Are insuring a second car
  • Have high specification or luxury cars

Higher Excess

We think the standard no claims bonus system isn’t fair. It doesn’t give a good idea of how likely you are to have an accident.

By swapping the no claims bonus for a higher excess, we can give real savings for drivers paying high premiums. This means you can start with a clean slate.

Our standard excess is £3000. That means that we pay everything above and beyond this amount, in the event of an accident, where a claim is made on our policy or by our client.

Premium Price Promise

  • Your premium is guaranteed; it will not rise as the result of a claim.
  • Past claims don’t affect the price of your premium.
  • We’ll accept outstanding and unreserved claims without charging extra.

Comprehensive policy

Our policy fully covers you for damage to your vehicle and any third party damage and/or injury in the event of accident, over the policy excess of £3000.

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