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Policy Cover

Our policy is a comprehensive policy for social, domestic and pleasure driving and for journeys between home and your permanent place of work. You can add business use for an additional premium.

Total Excess

The standard excess is £3,000. This excess applies to the entire policy including the third party damage and injury section.


Policyholders must be aged 21 to 70. Named drivers can be between 18 and 70.

Licences Accepted

We accept full UK and provisional UK licences and full licences from the EU, USA, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan & Canada.

Named Drivers

Our policy allows for 4 named drivers per policy.


We exclude convictions within the last five years, from the date of conviction, for dangerous driving, driving without insurance and driving while intoxicated and some others.

Vehicle Exclusions We don’t cover

  • Kit built vehicles
  • Vehicles that have been modified.
  • Some performance vehicles for drivers under 25 years of age.

Car Value

There is a minimum car value of £3,000 and a maximum value of £100,000.

Windscreen Cover

We will pay up to £300 for damage to the insured vehicle’s windscreen or windows in any one period of Insurance if it is replaced or repaired by our approved suppliers – up to £100 in any one period of Insurance if any other supplier carries out the repair or replacement.

The policy does not cover:

  • The first £50 of any claim
  • Damaged sunroofs, roof panels, lights or reflectors (even if they are made of glass)
  • Extra costs for the work undertaken outside normal hours, unless the windscreen is shattered, or the driver’s vision or the security of the Insured Vehicle is affected
  • VAT if you are registered.


You must state your full occupation. Full time occupations must be declared; vague answers e.g. manager, director, clerk etc. are not sufficient. We will not consider certain occupations which are listed on the quotation systems.

Usage Exclusions

We do not quote for the following usage

  • Vehicles used for hire or reward
  • Vehicles used for haulage
  • Vehicles used airside in an airport
  • Vehicles used for racing, rally or speed trials
  • Vehicles used for law enforcement or security duties
  • Vehicles used for emergency services
  • Vehicle used in connection with the motortrade

Residency policyholders must be resident in the UK.


The territory covers the Republic of Ireland and the UK, including Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man. Minimum cover applies to driving in Europe, to upgrade to comprehensive cover in Europe there is an additional fee per week of £75

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