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we are straight up with people.

We don’t punish drivers who make a claim or have lost their no claims bonus. All we ask of our drivers is, in the unlikely event of a claim, you share the cost with a higher excess. But, even if that happens we won’t be upping your premium; it’ll remain the same, no matter what. No ‘Return to Go’, no price hikes, no lost bonus.

So, if you have little or no driving history, or lost your no claims bonus,we will lower your premium, build your bonus and get you on the road.

What sort of driver are you?

Young Driver

Respect. You get a better deal. So, you have little or no driving experience? No problem.

You want to get on the road with your own policy. We get it. We were young once too, you know.

For younger drivers, who want to build their own bonus and take responsibility, we get it.

XS Direct gives you freedom, saves you money and let’s get you on the road.

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