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Frequently Asked Questions

Policy Features

Every car insurance policy has an excess. It means that drivers pay the first portion of any claim. It is an all sections excess per event.

Think of it this way. You've got a definite saving. The Excess one comes into play if you are unfortunate enough to have a claim. And in that case, the Excess should be compared with the real cost of a claim with another insurance company. We use a simple rule of thumb, losing your full bonus with another company costs up to three times your premium.

Yes. Every year of safe, claims free driving with XS Direct gives you a year of claims free experience. After which we can issue you with a Certificate (should you decide to leave us). In practice, we find Drivers benefit from 2-3 years of claim free driving with XS Direct before approaching the traditional Insurance companies for a quote – remember the companies that wouldn't quote you affordable insurance when we did!

We will give you a certificate of claims free driving detailing the years you were with XS Direct. This is accepted by all car insurers in the United Kingdom.

Yes, windscreen cover is available as an option at £40.

No. We takes the view that a high excess is sufficient incentive for people to improve their driving behaviour and to protect their car – which includes off-street parking, immobilisers and any other safety measures you can take.

XS Direct is a fully comprehensive policy covering all possible large claims. Your car, as well as third parties, are covered in the event of an accident. It allows for social and limited business use, named drivers, temporary substitutions and driving abroad (3rd party).

We have comprehensive security measures to protect against the loss, misuse, and alteration of data on our system. Information submitted to brokers is only available to employees managing this information for purposes of quotations. We never sell or rent individual personal information. We have this privacy policy to demonstrate our firm's commitment to your privacy and the protection of your information.


Yes, but every driver on the road does that anyway rather than losing their bonus. All we've done is make everything transparent and allow drivers that get penalised heavily by the bonus system by other Insurance Companies, start with us with a clean slate.

We guarantee we don't put your premium up if you claim. That's a guarantee a lot of other insurance companies don't give when you read the small print, even with their bonus protection products.

We do not load for claims in any circumstance because we want our products to be fully transparent. Many other insurance companies have special loadings if they dislike the number of claims made by a policyholder or the particular events surrounding a claim. These loadings can even be applied to clients that have spent money on bonus protection.

Past, present or future claims have absolutely no impact on our premium pricing. Unlike most car insurance companies we accept drivers with outstanding claims up to any amount.

No, Please call our claims team on 03333 443018 for further information. If you want to look after repairs yourself, we also encourage customers to negotiate with their garage; as our product has a High Excess, if might end up saving YOU money.

Policy Details

We believe it is relevant for anyone with a Nil No Claims Bonus. In our experience, its particularly good value for (i) Drivers over 25 years of age, currently paying high premiums because they only have a zero, one or two year bonus, (ii) Drivers of High Performance Vehicles (iii) Drivers on their first policy, (iv) Because they are leaving a fleet policy, (v) Coming back from abroad or (vi) Insuring a second car. These drivers are often penalised by the traditional Insurance Companies who rely on the “bonus system”. Not us we are different. We believe everyone deserves a fair go.

Yes. We allow policyholders to add up to 4 different named drivers on a policy. The named drivers must be between 18 and 70 years old and there are some restrictions for performance vehicles. Please call us on 03333 443016 for further information on our restrictions.

We will consider non-EU licences on referral, so call us on 03333 443016 or talk to your broker.

We accept full UK licences, UK provisional licence holders (over 18 years old) and full Licences from the EU, USA, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan & Canada.

We do accept drivers with certain convictions. Please call us on 03333 443016 to speak directly to our underwriting team for further information.

We insure drivers from 21 to 70 as policy holders and 18 to 70 as named drivers.

Yes, the minimum car value that we insure is £3,000.

Yes, if you received the points within the last five years there will be an adjustment to your premium.

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