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Being involved in an accident or claim situation can be both upsetting and confusing. We recommend the following steps:

At the accident scene:

  • Get all Details. Record names, phone numbers, addresses, vehicle insurers, and car registrations of all parties involved.
  • Call the police. Remember, it is your duty to call the police when you are in involved in a road traffic accident.
  • Take photos of the scene (if possible). This can be very useful when presenting your claim.
  • Contact XS Direct Immediately If you are involved in ANY incident that may lead to a claim you must contact XS Direct as soon as possible. You can contact us by phone on: 03333 443018 [24 hours, 7 days a week] or email us at claims@xsdirect.com
  • Remember, your policy excess applies to any claim made under the policy, including claims made by Third Parties

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